Download Mp3 The REAL Reason Kylie Jenner Broke Up With Tyga

The REAL Reason Kylie Jenner Broke Up With Tyga

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Download Mp3 The REAL Reason Kylie Jenner Broke Up With Tyga

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Kylie jenner and Tyga have reportedly called it quits - for good this time! Although, they’ve said that before so we’ll see! Anyway, why did this hot Hollywood couple split? Apparently, family got in the way.

Specifically rob Kardashian and black chyna. You KNOW the drama that went on between these two couples. Well, the strain was too much.

Just in case you need a little refresher, once upon a time, toga and chyna were together and had a son, king. They split and tyga began dating Kylie. Chyna began dating Kylie’s brother, rob Kardashian. They now have a daughter. Ok, so besides the fact that thanksgiving and Christmas were really uncomfortable… these 4 intertwined people were seemingly making best of an awkward situation.

But everything came crashing down when Rob and Chyna split up a few weeks ago. Sidenote, they’re back together now but the BREAKUP is what made kylie end her relationship with toga. Let me explain.

Sources told Hollywood life that when rob and chyna split, tyga immediately took his exes side, while kylie took her brothers. Their opposite opinions on the matter was too much for them to handle. Kylie’s loyal to the bone and her family comes first above anyone, including toga, the source said. She’s mad at toga for being overly supportive of chyna in her disaster of a relationship with rob.

Ok, wow! But there’s more. Now we mentioned that chyna and rob were reportedly back together, but honestly, we all know that it’s just a matter of time before they breakup again, and if it comes down to a custody war over their daughter dream Kardashian, Tyga has made it clear - he’s supporting chyna not rob! And THAT was Kylie’s final straw.

Kylie thinks tyga should be fore loyal and supportive to her and the Kardashian family, the source continued. She can’t marry someone who doesn’t put herself and her family first.

So family over boyfriends apparently. What do you think? Was kylie right in telling tyga to hit the road, or should they be able to look past all the family drama? You let me know in the comment section below

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Download Mp3 The REAL Reason Kylie Jenner Broke Up With Tyga

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