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"24K Magic" - [Bruno Mars] : Ian Eastwood

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Download Mp3 "24K Magic" - [Bruno Mars] : Ian Eastwood

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Name: "24K Magic" - [Bruno Mars] : Ian Eastwood

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Man... I have to be honest with you guys. I don't think I have ever been this proud & excited to ever drop a piece of work that so fully represents who I am as an artist.

This video came together in 3hrs of choreographing, 4hrs of rehearsal to teach/stage/clean my dancers, 2hrs of shooting, and 3hrs of my editing/coloring. And even though the amount of time that it takes me to work has never been less I've never felt more myself than what I feel like right now. At this moment in my life I feel the strongest and most capable I've ever felt.

I poured my heart in such a short time in so many ways on this video...and I did it on the hardest day that I've had to face in a long time. Two days ago my dog died and I had to fly home that morning to LA and go straight to rehearsal, I almost canceled not only rehearsal (where I still had to finish choreography, teach the boys, stage, & clean the choreography) but the entire shoot since we were supposed to be shooting the next day. But something in me...something inside where I felt no strength or energy pushed through and told me to get off my ass and do what I love. And that is why this video will always be so important to me. It caught such a important moment of my life and was sewn up and completed in such a short amount of time that I don't think I'll ever forget the roller coaster of emotions I've felt in these last couple days.

Thank you to my dancers & DP for being some of the most efficient workers on the planet to make what I dream come to life in such a highly skilled, professional, & short amount of time. I am forever grateful.

Dancers : Ian Eastwood, Hugh Aparente, Trevor Takemoto, Anthony Westlake, Lex Ishimoto, Connor Gormley, Sean Lew.
Directed/Produced/Edited/Colored/Choreographed by : Ian Eastwood
Director of Photography : Gerald Nonato
Music : 24K Magic [Bruno Mars]
Shot On Location at Cherry Soda Studios.

Download Mp3 "24K Magic" - [Bruno Mars] : Ian Eastwood

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