Download Mp3 [PRODUCER SCHOOL] Producers Why should I us Pitch correction

[PRODUCER SCHOOL] Producers Why should I us Pitch correction


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Download Mp3 [PRODUCER SCHOOL] Producers Why should I us Pitch correction

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Name: [PRODUCER SCHOOL] Producers Why should I us Pitch correction

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Pitch Correction.

Peace and Blessings! IN Today’s QUICK TIPS, We will be delving into Pitch Correction Which has made some artist A lot of money and sound Good, we wont say any names of course, but if you think you know who I am talking about, stay tuned!

Now while it's been a controversial subject since the plugin and effect have come on the scene, none the less it seems that it is hear to stay and is becoming used by more and more artist & producers on a regular. In addition to our normal day-to- day audio processing effects such as equalizers, reverb and compressors (just to name a few), there’s a number of digital effects that can alter sound in a
more self-evident way. Well, you may agree or disagree but PITCH CORRECTION being now called (AUTO

TUNE) is one of them. However Autotune is the product & brain child of Antares Audio Technologies

Now prior to the creation of such a valuable tool, if a singer, musician or instrumentalist was not in tune or the pitch was off, they would do it the old fashion way until it was pitch perfect, excuse the pun. Which was practice until you get it right!
Or in the case of wanna be singers, you just didn't get signed until you honed in on your skills.
How ever a more practical use became more evident for Singers in Live performances as there was no way to make "real time" corrections to a live vocal performance in a concert which is why lip-syncing was a commonly used practice, where said performer was not able to sing adequately in live performances.
You Guys remember Millie Vanilli???

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About SG-1:
(SG-1) is one of the key founders of the infamous song writing, production & engineering team called "Tha Piecemakerz". He along with business associate Sly (Pyper) Jordan formed the group over a decade ago, and went from sleeping on studio floors to working with Artist like Atlanta's own Shareefa, Sean Kingston, and music mogul Andre "Dr. Dre" Young.
Through Dre’s experience, and meeting countless people over the years with historical talent, SG set out to even the playing field for other entertainers, by attempting to give future music stars an advantage by leveraging their skills with knowledge of the entertainment business!
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Download Mp3 [PRODUCER SCHOOL] Producers Why should I us Pitch correction

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